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Gmail is not a new name in the email system world; rather it has gained popularity in a short time span. As a result of this popularity, millions of users are using this efficient web application. Therefore, we have provided this guide regarding Gmail sign up that sheds light on how to integrate your Gmail account with another Gmail and non-Gmail accounts.

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Creating Your Gmail Account:

First, you must have a Gmail account in order to enjoy its other features. Go to www.gmail.com, and you will be shown up a page having a box containing two fields for ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Below that box, you will find ‘Create an account’. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the page where a form is displayed with all necessary fields of information. By completing that form will enable you to get your Gmail id. Once you finish the form, click on ‘Next Step’ to proceed further. Moreover, it will take you the page where you can create your Gmail profile by adding a new photo and other things. If you want to directly move to the Inbox of your newly set up Gmail account, you can do so as well.

Integration Of Gmail Account With Other Gmail Accounts:

Being an efficient email system, Gmail provides an extra-ordinary feature that is the integration of your Gmail account with other accounts. Here are two options, one to integrate your account with other Gmail accounts, and the second one is to integrate account with other mail accounts (like Yahoo, Hotmail etc.). For the integration of the Gmail account with another Gmail account, you have two options. If you simply want to bring new incoming messages of another Gmail account to a particular Gmail id, then simply try the ‘Auto-Forwarding Your Mail’ option.

But if you want to import all old emails to this particular Gmail account as well as to receive new incoming messages, then go the account from where you want the emails to be imported. In the top right corner, select gear sign and select ‘Settings’ under it. From there, select ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab to enable the forwarding. Then in the ‘POP Download’, select ‘Enable POP for all mail’. Then next to ‘When messages are accessed with POP’, you can choose what you want to do with the messages in this account.  After finishing up this setting, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Now coming to your new account where you want to receive all imported emails. Go to ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu of a gear sign. From there, select ‘Accounts and Import Tab’. Select ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own’ under the section of ‘Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)’. Now enter the email address of that other Gmail account, and click on ‘Next Step’. Now you will be taken to a page asking for the password. After the password, you will have to choose some options like Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail, Archived incoming messages etc. Use the settings as recommended by Gmail.  Finally, click on ‘Add Account’ to finalize the procedure.

Integration Of Gmail Account With Other Email Providers:

If you want to integrate your Yahoo, Hotmail or accounts of other email providers with your Gmail, you must ensure from that different email provider service regarding their POP3 access settings. If they do support those settings, you can easily proceed with this process. But in your Gmail account (where you want to integrate that other account), the settings will be exactly same as mentioned in the point ii. But after clicking on ‘Add Account’ button in the last step, if you receive any error in adding that account, there may be different reasons owing to this situation. These reasons include that, your other email provider may not support POP or the POP of your other email address may be disabled. In the first type of problem, Gmail also offers other feasible ways to integrate the account and for the second one, you would have to enable POP in your other email account settings.

Enjoy Exciting Features Of Gmail Account:

This was not the only feature of Gmail. In fact Gmail offers a bunch of features and services. With Google drive, you will not have worries for sending large files. It provides space up to 10GB for storing the files and sharing them with other contacts. Hangouts, is a mind-bowing way to get connected with your friends through the computer, Android and Apple devices. Moreover, you can try the fun of video calls for free by sharing photos and other features as well.

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