Gmail Sign in

Gmail is one of the very popular free webmail service provided by Google. It offers an advertising-supported free webmail, IMAP and POP3 service that has millions and millions of users currently from all across the globe.

The following are the steps that you need to follow to log into the Gmail sign in account.

google account sign in

  • The first step is to open the web browser on your computer and to get online first. Then type the web address www.gmail.com in the fresh web browser page and press the Enter button. It is also necessary that you have a new Gmail account opened before signing into the Gmail account.
  • Once you enter the Gmail homepage, you will come across the options of username and password in the homepage.
  • You need to click in the type box that you find right under the username option so that you can type the exact email address that you had first registered your account within Gmail. Make sure that the spellings of the username are correctly spelt and also make sure to correctly use the special characters or numerals that you might have used when sign up Gmail account.
  • Once you have entered the username in the type box provided, you will find the password type box just below it. You need to take your mouse and click inside the type box to enter the password. Make sure that you enter the exact password that you had entered when signing up for a new Gmail account.
  • Once you have entered both the details correctly, click on the ‘Sign In’ button. You will be taken to your Gmail inbox where you will be able to check out your new mails or even send new mails to your contacts.

This is how you sign in to your Gmail account.

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