Gmail Login – 2 Steps Verification

Gmail is one of the most popular email systems of the world. Being a prominent member of the Google family, Gmail comes across as an efficient email service provider that has been loaded with a number of amazing features. With totally new experience of user interface and strengthened features, this amazing web application has grabbed a million of users and day by day this number is increasing.

gmail 2-steps

First of all, the facility that Gmail is offering to its users and the mind-blowing speed that eliminates the need of full page reloads for every single page. You can enjoy everything in the form of simple tab form and can access the emails in a more efficient and manner. If you want to log in to your Gmail account, this step by step guide will aid you a lot.

gmail account 2-steps verification

  • If you are a registered member of Gmail, you can simply visit gmail.com for easy sign in process.
  • Without a valid Gmail id, you cannot log in there. For this purpose, click on “Create an account”  option that will redirect you the page asking for the required fields of information. Entering all your authentic credentials there, you can get an authentic Gmail id.
  • After having a Gmail account, again visit gmail.com. Most often, you will be displayed with a page showing the Username and Password boxes. Entering your own authentic Gmail id and password there, click on “Sign in” button present below these fields.

  • Filling up the displayed page with real information, the user will be directed to the Inbox of his Gmail account. If you regularly get signed in at Gmail using a particular device, then checking the option “Stay signed in” (on the page gmail.com, below the username and password fields) will prevent you from entering your username and password repetitively.

2-step verification

  • There are many of the situations that alarm an individual for security. In order to make your Gmail id’s password secure, like accessing your email id using a public computer or a shared device. By downloading different softwares from the Internet, clicking on links coming from unknown resources etc. are the main situations where your security is at stake especially.
  • The Gmail’s 2 step verification facility is just like an extra layer being added to an individual’s visibility. Because if any of the stealer gets your password, a number of nefarious acts may be performed like changing your password, sending objectionable stuff to your contacts etc.
  • In this verification facility availability, an extra layer of security is added that prevents the password from stealing. In this regard, you will enter your Gmail account in a normal way, but after entering the password you will ask for a code that you would have to enter. This code can be received through text messages, call.
  • Once you avail this verification you will enjoy an extra level of security alongside basic features and services of Gmail. This way you can lead to a smart usage of the email system.

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