Gmail.com Account Features

Gmail has been one of the most popular free web based mail service option chosen by a lot of internet users who use it to stay connected with their family, friends, businesses and other contacts. As there is stiff competition in the free web based mail service from other popular service providers, Gmail is constantly on the lookout for improving its services in order to offer better features and user friendly mail service.

gmailcom account features

Google Inc., that runs the Gmail service, is carrying out innumerable sets of improvements and technical tests on the most popular 10 year old desktop version of Gmail so that it blends well and easily with the Gmail mobile version. The changes that Google is about to bring in Gmail are said to be offering the Gmail web based service a complete makeover from what it is today.

The following are some of the new gmail.com account features that Google is currently testing out.

1. Look Of Gmail

  • There have been constant work done on the look of Gmail and Google Inc. is still looking to make further changes to the look to make it more attractive besides begin user-friendly.
  • The older colorful Gmail will give way to a more attractive new Gmail face that will have an additional plus sign ‘+’ right at the bottom- right corner of the Gmail inbox page.

  • This means that Google is looking to merge its Plus category of services with Gmail to offer its users an easy access to it through Gmail.
  • This Plus tab can be used by Gmail users to add new reminders as well as can be used to compose new messages from and to their accounts respectively.

2. Addition of Tabs 

  • At present, Gmail users have the option of marking important messages that they receive in their mail by pressing the white star icon seen in the left corner of that message in the inbox with golden color. This option is soon going to be replaced by pins so that you will be able to ‘pin down’ messages depending on its importance. These messages can also be placed on top of your inbox.
  • A Virgin Menu System is likely to be added as a new feature that will show up and vanish out of the window and will be replacing the ordinary sidebar that provides you the link information.
  • There will be a new tab that will be added to your Gmail inbox that will help you to arrange preferred and important e-mails. This will help you to change the destined pinning folder and to place them as a header on the Gmail inbox.
  • A ‘grouped in the inbox’ tab feature is said to appear in the new tab feature that was introduced last year and it will automatically arrange the e-mails into Social, Promos, Forums, Updates, Travel, Finance and Purchases.
  • The new Gmail will most likely be merged up with Google Hangouts and users will have to just click the hangouts’ icon in the inbox to enjoy video, audio or text chats.

With all these updates and new feature additions, Gmail will never be the same again.

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