Gmail App for Mobile

If you are a person on the go and need to access your important mails and other information on your mail, then you can opt to download the Gmail app on your mobile. It is very easy these days to check out mails on the Smartphones and tablets as everything now comes with a touch screen feature. All you need to do is to download the Gmail app for mobile on your phone and you have the freedom to access your mails from anywhere, be it a bus or a train or a moving car. Of course, your phone should have a data plan to allow you to access your Gmail account from your phone.

gmail account app mobile

Gmail App Features For iPhone

  • An alternative to the built-in Mail app in every iOS device is the Gmail app for iPhone. It is a self contained app that does not need any integration with any of the features of your iPhone.
  • If you get the app downloaded on your iPhone, then you can safely check out your mails and keep track of the important messages through priority inbox.
  • You will receive instant notifications on your phone for every new message received in your Gmail account.
  • It will offer you a search option to search out your mails and will also provide you with the option of sending and receiving attachments on your phone.

How To Download Gmail On iPhone?

  • Open the web browser on your iPhone and visit the Google Mobile web page.
  • Once there, click on the ‘Download on the App store’ that you find under the Get Gmail for your mobile device option.
  • Clicking this will take you to the iTunes store from where you can download the new version of the Gmail app on your iPhone.
  • Once you have downloaded the Gmail app safely on your iPhone, you need to first log into the Gmail account to get access to your account from your phone.

Gmail App Features For Android

  • Gmail is a free web based mail service offered by Google Inc. and hence the Gmail app will offer you all the latest inbox settings offered by Gmail for an Android device, be it an Android phone or a tablet.
  • You have the option to organize your mail into special color coded sections like: Inbox, social and promotions.
  • The app will offer you all the features that you enjoy with the desktop version and some special settings for Android devices.
  • It is a minimized version of the web based Gmail layout and hence you will be able to safely and easily access your Gmail from your Android phones.

Downloading Gmail App On Android Phone

  • Gmail app will be inbuilt in many of the modern day Android Smartphones and tablets. It is the default email app offered by Google for phones that run on Android.
  • You can also download the Gmail app on your Android mobile by visiting the Google Play store from your mobile web browser or even by visiting Gmail for mobile website.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you should check in with your existing username and password and then on you can easily access your Gmail account from your phone.

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